Custom Photo Prints

We’ll custom print your digital photography files on Hahnemühle, Canon, or other high-quality fine art papers chosen to best enhance the presentation and longevity of your photograph—your choice of glossy or matte finish. Orders generally take 1-2 days.

Photo print prices start at $.75 for wallet-sized prints up to $17.00 for 13 x 19″ prints, with larger sizes available via outsourcing at request. Our full price list is available as a downloadable PDF below.

Slide, Print & Negative Scans

We offer premium-quality slide, print and negative scanning services. All images are manually scanned, adjusted for optimal color and clarity, and saved in either JPEG or TIFF formats at a resolution of your choice from 72ppi to 5000ppi. And we’ll archive your digital files for you to a USB thumb drive.

Slide and negative scan prices start at $1.50 ($1.00 for orders of 100+). Print scan prices start at $10.00. Our full price list is available as a downloadable PDF below.

Photo Retouching and Restoration

Basic retouching includes minor spotting and cleanup, color and contrast correction, sharpening, and minor repairs or alterations. Charges typically range from $20 to $50.

Charges for full restoration of lighter damage typically range from $50 to $100, moderate damage from $100 to $150, and severe damage from $150 up. (For retouching beyond basic corrections, please contact us with your specific request, and we’ll send you a quote.)